Puddle People Power (Story #36)

it takes a puddle to make a village

The citizens of PuddleWorld were none to happy when they found out the news.  Another misled politician was saying that Global Warming didn’t exist.  What more proof did one need than to look at just how many times PuddleWorld had to evacuate last winter?  The denizens of PuddleWorld know not to expect much from the summer or even spring; they have always been glad to move between the northern and southern hemispheres to make sure they are in the appropriate climate for their puddle needs. They don’t expect miracles.  Like big rain storms in the middle of summer.  They know that if you’re going to live in a puddle, you have to be flexible, adaptable.

Puddles, obviously, are not secure places.  They dry up and you have move to the next wet place.  Of course, you can’t live in a place where there’s too much water, either, because then you stop being a puddle and you become something much bigger, like a lagoon or something.  Lagoons are nice, but they are not as cozy as puddles.

Puddle People are very much into coziness.  They also like being left alone, which works out well since most non-Puddle People avoid puddles, generally speaking.  Small children have been known to stomp around in them, it’s true, but the people of PuddleWorld think that’s fine.  They prepare themselves for this on fall afternoons when small children are known to walk home from school.

Apart from young people an their need to splash around in PuddleWorld, life for its citizens is pretty easy.  There is plenty of space and very little crime in PuddleWorld.  Also, there’s the view.  Imagine a place in which anywhere you go, all you can see is sky.  People spend millions to have homes with those amenities, and yet PuddleWorld is very affordable—surprisingly so.

But most importantly, the citizens of PuddleWorld love the fact that their homes are constantly changing.  To live in PuddleWorld is to reflect the world in front of it.  Sometimes, its citizens get posted in front of a mansion, other times, a slum.  The citizens of PuddleWorld are up for anything, though.  They like the fact that their lives are about change, and that their homes are as fleeting as rainclouds.

What they don’t like, however, is not existing.  Who would want that?

And that’s exactly why the good people of PuddleWorld are starting to petition the government to change its silly and backwards views on the climate.  It is simply foolishness not to realize that the world is getting hotter. And if the world gets too hot, there will be no puddles and hence, there will be no PuddleWorld, which would be a great loss for us all.

The residents of PuddleWorld are good people. They have values. They are respectful of each other, pay their taxes, help each other out. They only live to reflect our world back to us and, when time allows, to wonder at the sun or the moon in the sky.

So please, help keep PuddleWorld viable. Help its citizens by contacting your congressperson.  Keep puddles everywhere strong, vibrant, and reflective places to live.


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Author:the circular runner

g. martinez cabrera currently lives in San Francisco with his lovely and talented wife. He holds degrees from Columbia and from the Harvard Divinity School where he spent three years thinking about lofty things. Since then, he tries to write some lofty and some not-so-lofty things down so others can see how lofty he sometimes is. When he’s not writing or spending time with said wife, he tortures young people with learning. He blogs at www.circularrunning.wordpress.com and Tumbls at www.circularrunning.tumblr.com

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One Comment on “Puddle People Power (Story #36)”

  1. February 24, 2012 at 1:38 pm #

    well i can only hope it rains, (which it probably will)

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