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The Life & Death of Stories (Story #15)

I live and work in The Library, which you shouldn’t confuse with a neighborhood library because it isn’t—far from it.  The library I live and work in is dedicated to preserving all the stories ever told, which is hard to imagine, so think of it as being similar to a butcher’s shop.  I know some […]

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Children of the River (Story #14)

Every day began the same way for the people of Fayette.  At sunrise, all the men, women, and children walked down to the river and looked to see if anyone was waiting for them.  Most days, no one was there—just pine trees swaying as the river cascaded past them.  But every once in a while, […]

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God’s Goofy Guy on a Schwinn (Story #6)

A gun going off in real life makes a thin, mono, popping sound.  In the movies, gun blasts are rich and thick and stereo.   Maybe that’s why I just looked on from my window noticing the transformation of the block.  It was like waves on a beach.  As soon as the bullets rang out, everybody […]

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