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Getting Your Inner Steve Jobs on in North Korea (Story #25)

  Anyway, after walking what seemed like a lot of miles, we found our hotel.  They’re called Internationals here, or maybe that’s the chain.  Not sure. Let’s just say communication does not flow very freely here. When we arrived, the escort knocked on what I thought was our room, a little too quietly at first […]

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God’s Goofy Guy on a Schwinn (Story #6)

A gun going off in real life makes a thin, mono, popping sound.  In the movies, gun blasts are rich and thick and stereo.   Maybe that’s why I just looked on from my window noticing the transformation of the block.  It was like waves on a beach.  As soon as the bullets rang out, everybody […]

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the history of things (Story #3)

  The boy looked up, and this is what the clouds told him: That radio antenna over to the left, the giant metal X stuck firmly to the hilltop was no antenna. It was once alive—a being raising his hands into the fog. And the stadium light that the boy’s father was always complaining was […]

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